​Contact us below to make sure your wedding date is still available, make sure to list your wedding date and venue. 

How much is your wedding film package? ​​Our Wedding Film package is currently $1,800 for single location weddings within an hour of Richmond.

​Do you offer any other wedding film packages? No, not at this time.

How do we Book? After we determine that the date is still available, we will then create a Paypal invoice for 50% down with your wedding details, once that is paid, your date is locked and the remaining balance is due after your video is complete.

Do you have a Contract? The detailed paperless Paypal invoice acts as a legally binding contract once your payment has been made and keeps a digital record for both parties.

Do we get the "Raw" footage? We include up to 2 hours of the usable footage in the full video with basic edits and transitions. 

​What's the difference between the Highlight Music Video and the Full Video? The highlight music video is a combination of cinematic creative shots, drone footage, and event highlights mixed to your first dance song that is usually around 4 minutes long. The full video is the footage from the day as it happened with only basic edits and transitions so the days memories can be saved as they actually happened. The full video is usually about 2 hours.

​Do we provide a Meal for the Videographer? Yes, plan on one extra meal during the reception for the lead videographer.

Is the down Payment refundable? No, unfortunately once we book a date, we can no longer book another wedding for that date so the down payment helps us cut our losses.

Do you offer Photography? No, we specialize in video and partner with many great photographers that we can recommend. 

Do you offer Same Day edits? No, we feel the extra cost and stress of having an extra editor on site just to rush a video together to show what happened 30 minutes earlier while memories are still be created is kind of pointless. 

How many hours do we have you on site? We stay up to 10 hours between 12 noon and midnight for the send off.

How long does it take to get the final highlight wedding film and full wedding video? 2 weeks on average.

How many people do you bring to cover the event? Usually 2

Do we have to meet in person to book? No, a phone call is all we require.

How do we choose what goes in the highlight video? Once we go over the footage, we choose the footage we feel best captures the day and looks the most cinematic. Then we edit the footage and time it to your first dance song.

​* Drones can't be flown in DC, near airports, or in other restricted airspace so may not be used for every wedding. Use the free B4U Fly app to know if your venue is in a restricted area.

* Re Edits are not included in our wedding package so make sure to watch our highlight videos to know what you're getting. We do not store raw footage once the video has been finished and delivered so make sure to backup your videos once downloaded.

* Please let us know in advance if there will be any surprises or special things occurring that aren't listed on your timeline that need to be covered so we don't miss them.

Wedding Highlight Music Video Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Rather we’re shooting for a feature film, celebrity, or bride, we try to have the best cameras for each client! We film weddings with four 4K cameras and use the Hollywood level RED Scarlet-W on our styled shoots.

Cinematic Style 4K Wedding Films



At Profound Productions, a wedding to us is a moment that should last forever.

We look at every wedding as an opportunity to tell a personal story from those close moments with the family to the smallest decorative details.

We recognize that you have put your time and personality into the event, and we want to showcase that. With each wedding video, we capture 
and bring out each couple’s personalities and their individual interactions. We're not photographers, DJs, or planners, we actually specialize in
video production so you can count on us to deliver an uncompromised video that captures the memories from the most important day of your life.

Wedding Films

Our Wedding Film package now includes your Full HD Wedding Video on 2 USBs and a 4K Cinematic Style Highlight Music Video
to your first dance song that can easily be shared over the web and social media for all of your friends and family to enjoy.
Our Premium Wedding Film package is $1,800 for single location weddings that are within an hour of Richmond.
​We film using four 4K cameras, a 4k drone, professional audio gear, and use a Gimbal as well for creative shots. 
To book your wedding day coverage, we require 50% down through Paypal, then the remaining balance once your videos are complete.